They took a credit on your name – what to do.

 There are no official statistics about illegal loans issued to citizens, but according to experts during the crisis the number of victims is rising. Fraudsters prefer to take loans in the microfinance organizations that do not check borrowers as carefully as banks.

 If you are a victim of fraudsters and you suddenly received a call from a bank demanding to pay a loan that you did not take – lawyers recommend to follow these rules.

 1) Write a request to the bank about this situation, explain that you did not take any credit – even if you do not get an answer, in the future it will be easier for you to prove your good faith by showing this request in a court.

 2) Write a statement to the police, so the law enforcement agencies will also be aware of the situation and start investigating the case.

 3) If the bank continues to demand money, and collectors are knocking on your door, then you need to make serious steps. With the help of a lawyer write a statement and go to the court demanding to recognize the loan agreement as invalid, and also requesting the annulation of the debt record from the database of credit bureaus, you should keep your status of conscientious borrower.

 Be careful.

 Attentively control all situations when you provide your personal data: a copy of the passport to the travel agency or documents as a deposit for renting a bicycle. Always try to keep your passport with you, do not leave it anywhere, and if you lose it, contact the police immediately. By a statement in the police you fix the time of loss, thus you can prove that you could not take a loan on this passport anymore.

 Try to use complex signature for documents: if it is fake, experts will be able to recognize it as invalid, while a “dash” or a “tick” is easy to fake.