M&A deals have always stood as some of the most sophisticated strategic challenges for corporations, as well as private investors.

 Contact Horizon Global today regarding any M&A related issues; you will receive expert-level consultation, covering the following areas:

■ Assistance in working out and assessing all the possible solutions, including the most complex and sophisticated options;

■ All the necessary information regarding taxation associated with M&A transactions;

■ Structuring the transactions;

■ Most up-to-date information regarding the specific details of the relevant aspects of law In addition, our specialists provide the following services:

■ Preparing all necessary documentation

■ Representing the interests of a client at negotiations

■ Preparing a legal opinion regarding certain aspects of the upcoming transactions

■ Other legal services related to the preparation and carrying out the M&A transactions

 Our lawyers are ready to support you at every stage of the transaction, from the preparation of a business for sale and carrying out due diligence, to negotiating the contract conditions and delivering post-transactional legal services. Our people have broad experience in overseeing various types of transactions, advising both buyers and sellers. Having this broader picture allows us to represent our client’s interest and maximize your benefits.