Family and inheritance disputes

 At Horizon Global we approach family values and the wellbeing of our clients as our top priorities. Family and inheritance disputes are probably the most common civil cases, but also some of the most complex ones. Considering each case as unique, we are committed to address our clients’ family matters with our full attention. As professionals we treat these sensitive issues from the standpoint of an expert, free of any biased emotional involvement. Such approach allows us to most effectively defend your property and non-property interests. 

 In some disputes family members may hold citizenship of different countries. Such cases require particularly detailed consideration. Our lawyers have broad experience of dealing with similar family matters, as well as many others both in Russia and worldwide. 

 Here are the questions we are often addressed by our clients in search for the professional legal support: 

■ Inheritance matters: our qualified lawyers are experienced in handling any inheritance related cases, even the most intricate ones. The services we provide include filing a statement of inheritance, gathering all the required paperwork, registration of inheritance, court disputes regarding the admeasurement, invalidation of a will, the act of acceptance of inheritance, etc. 

■ Marriage contracts. Drawing up a marriage contract boosts transparency and helps avoid any possible doubts in the future. We are ready to advise and guide you through the notarial procedures related to the marriage contract. 

■ The marital property system, also known as matrimonial regime, defines property ownership relations between the spouses. This document can be prepared and signed at any time, e.g. before or during the marriage, and also in case of a divorce. 

■ Legal assistance in divorce. We will guide you through every stage of the divorce: out-ofcourt or in-court resolution procedures, preparation of all the required paperwork and the claim, and participation in court hearings;

 ■ Legal assistance in disputes involving children. In dealing with this sensitive issue, we are fully committed to protect the rights of parents, children, adopters, and guardians. 

■ Assistance in preparation of a custody agreement. We will help you to clarify parenting routines by setting up custody, visitation schedules, parenting plans, parenting provisions, and alimony. If need be, we will support you in custody disputes in court; 

■ Division of property in divorce can be a rather complicated issue. We will assist in determining property, carry out negotiations, prepare the documents, and support you in property disputes in court; 

 Please contact us today regarding any of these services and we will be happy to carefully consider your situation and assist you in any specific question. We will work closely with you to the most of your benefit and you can rest assured that your matters are in good hands. We offer an extended support services involving consultation, litigation support, negotiations, assistance with court ruling execution, etc. Each situation is unique and so is the solution; we always base our advice on the detailed analysis of your case, our experience with similar cases in actual legal practice, as well as a current law in a given jurisdiction.

 Whether in Russia or internationally, we represent our clients’ interests in property disputes at the highest standard of legal service: at Horizon we are global: we collaborate through our worldwide network of trusted colleagues to work out a customized solution, no matter how intricate the situation might be.