Doing business in Russia for non-resident: Your A to Z expert guide

 Considering doing business in Russia? The team of legal experts at Horizon Global is at your service: we provide all the necessary support and vital practical advice for entrepreneurs and companies interested in entering and establishing themselves at the Russian market. We are working out comprehensive solutions while facilitating and guiding you step by step in launching your business in Russia. We know how to structure the legal and management side of your business and do it efficiently.

 You will be introduced into the specifics of doing business in Russia, its legal and regulatory environment, financial system, taxation, employment and foreign labor regulations, legal entities and their registration procedures, all the DOs and DON’Ts, realistic time framework, and a cost breakdown of starting a business in Russia.

 Our expert advice will help you avoid the common errors, save you money, and ensure your smooth and successful head start.

 At Horizon Global, you will always receive customized legal service suited to the exact needs of your business. Based on your actual requirements, we will assist you in finding and renting the appropriate office space, obtaining all the necessary licenses, and advise on self-regulatory organizations (SROs) relevant to your industry, in accordance with current Russian legislation. In addition, we will assist you in finding investors and financing, introduce you to the specifics of tender and public procurement procedures, etc.