Looking for an expert-level advice and professional legal support in the questions related to bankruptcy? Our lawyers have broad experience in support and advice on bankruptcy procedures. In the course of professional practice, we have been on the both sides of negotiation table, acting as representatives of a creditor, as well as a debtor. 

 Contact Horizon Global today regarding any bankruptcy-related questions and get the in-depth consultation in the following areas: 

■ Identifying the risks of bankruptcy in the company’s current business operations and the minimization of such risks. 

■ Restructuring of the business using the procedure of bankruptcy as one of the possible strategies. 

■ Acquiring the business and the assets included into the debtor’s property. Our clients also rely on our advice in the following areas: 

■ Comprehensive and full legal support in cases of bankruptcy of any type of a debtor; 

■ Carrying out the analysis of the legal basis and the consequences of bankruptcy; 

■ Representing the client at creditors meetings; 

■ Protecting creditor/debtor/third party interests in bankruptcy cases; 

■ Recovering damages caused by an arbitration manager. 

 Despite the fact that working with a debtor is a challenge, one should not assume that the debts of Russian companies and individuals are uncollectible. Horizon Global will assist in debt recovery according to the procedures implied by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Remember, if all else fails, the procedure of bankruptcy of a debtor can be applied to recover the past-due debt. 

 Our clients rely on the professional protection of their rights and representation of their interests in any kinds of judicial proceedings.